From 'The Maze'

Certain books can cause extreme fear. With a harrowing use of words and images, these stories can incite our imaginations and access doors in our minds that should never be opened.

From 'Shadow'

Prickling with sweat, Fable scrambled into the lounge and headed for the window. He thought he would draw the curtains, shut out the street light and dispel the shadow. The coffee table thwarted him. He caught the toe of his shoe on its leg, tripped and fell face down across the sofa. He immediately felt the ice-cold fingers of the shadow clench the back of his neck.

From 'Interment'

I'm a rare man. I've undergone the oblivion of death followed by a return to life. And by "life," I don't mean an existence in heaven or hell, or reincarnation. I refer to actual life: A restoration of my former self, in a manner of speaking.

From 'The Observer'

The Chief, a behemoth of the foremost social rank, destroyed humankind. By arranging a coordinated thrust of tectonic plates, she sloughed off the Earth's outer surface to a depth of seven miles. The carapace of continents and oceans split into several pieces that spun away from the Earth's core.